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Virtual 3D BarberShop

May 21st, 2007 by Zen

Barber Shop

Atentie: A se asculta numai cu castile!

Aceasta metoda de inregistrare se numeste Binaural Recording si implica folosirea a 2 microfoane. Unul pozitionat langa urechea dreapta si unul langa cea stranga.


Cutie de chibrituri:…Holophonic.mp3


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  1. オペレーションラクーンシティ Says:

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  2. アフロー クイーン Says:

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  3. Namiko Says:

    echo farm is a wonderful , neat, tidy, levoly and helpful learning experience for those who have never farmed or gardened before, or who are at different levels of knowledge of growing, whether for survival, for wise use of land types, as well as finding new innovative ways to grow better, smarter, and more efficiently. we have learned so much on our two trips to echo farm! now, with the threat of gmo tainted crops all the more reason to prepared for what the future holds.on a side note .we bought a sweet potato plant from echo, set it out in the ground near the edge of our seashell driveway and our plumbago plants, our purple petunias, our glory bush and under the moringa trees.. all in the front yard .actually our front yard is very efficient as we have made a formerly useless typical grassy front yard into a seashell driveway that fits 4-5 vehicles, and the side areas are for planting, with a wrap around wood deck for showing off a 24 expanse of beautiful full purple petunias that bloom all year round between the house and the deck! the sweet potato has been a levoly ground cover that was given very little attention until the middle of december when we were surprised to find that it had produced a good basketful of all size sweet potatoes, that we washed, set in on the counter to dry, and promptly baked one to find that the taste was great. we see the value of plants and flowers that are edible rather than just ornamental. thank you echo farm, keep up the very good work! we have a new criteria: it must be pretty, non prickly, non poisonous, useful, and productive to stay in our little 50x 150 lot. hope this helps someone else to rethink what constitutes beauty ..thank you again echo farm for your food production techniques and your care for the souls of the people of the world as well!john from southwest florida

  4. Says:

    Holy Toledo, so glad I clicked on this site first!

  5. Says:

    A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the trouble.

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